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Elizabeth Shown Mills

Forensic Reports

Stanville ‘Estinville’ Sémère, aka Stanville Simmons (Hunt Oil vs. Julien). ViewCite

Sémère Report Attachment. ViewCite

Genealogical Reports


Addisons of Elbert, Franklin & Gwinnett Cos., GA (c1780–1835): Preliminary Survey. ViewCite

Christopher Addison (c.1758–1823) & Spouse Agnes “Aggy” Watts (c.1762–aft. 1831): Research Notes. ViewCite

Cooksey: Individual Research Notes

William Cooksey (ca. 1745–1829): Research Notes
(Cumulative research notes reflecting everything found to date for this individual). ViewCite

Cooksey: Research Reports (in chronological order)

Cookseys in Tattnall County, Georgia, Loose Papers. (2008) ViewCite

Cooksey & Associated Families: Montgomery and Tattnall Counties, Georgia. (2009) ViewCite

Possibility to Pursue: Were John & Judith [—?—] Watts the Parents of Zilpha [—?—] Price Cooksey? (2010) ViewCite

Zilpha & William Cooksey and Associates: Laurens County, Georgia, 1790–1825. (2010) ViewCite

Cooksey Associates: Montgomery County, Georgia: Preliminary Nutshells. (2011)ViewCite

Cooksey Associates: Tattnall County, Georgia: Preliminary Nutshells. (2011) ViewCite

Cooksey & Allied Families: Tax Data—Montgomery and Tattnall Counties, Georgia, 1798–1820. (2011) ViewCite

Mills: Individual Research Notes

Ambrose Mills, Col. (c1721–1780); Spouses 1. Mourning Stone; 2. Ann Brown: Research Notes ViewCite

James Mills (bef. 1750–c1823–24) & Wife [?Octavia Breckinridge?]: Research Notes ViewCite

Jesse Mills Sr. (c1740–aft1811); Spouse Lucy Tilman: Research Notes ViewCite

Samuel Mills Sr. (c1788–7 April 1859); Spouses 1. Rachal Prince; 2. Nancy Rinehart ViewCite

William Mills (c1695–1766) of Goochland, Albemarle & Amherst … Spouse Mary (Walton?): Research Notes ViewCite

William Mills (1746–1834); Spouse Eleanor Morris: Research Notes ViewCite

William Mills (b. c1783–88; d. c1863); Spouse Drucilla Kemp: Research Notes ViewCite

William Henry Mills, Col. (c 1727-1783); Spouse Elizabeth Montgomery ViewCite

Mills: Research Reports

Southside Virginia: Initial Survey of Published Resources ViewCite

Augusta County & the Virginia Frontier, Mills & Watts: Initial Survey ViewCite

Bedford County, Virginia: Extended Survey of Resources ViewCite

Botetourt County, Virginia: Initial Survey ViewCite

Franklin & Floyd Counties, Virginia: Initial Survey ViewCite

Goochland and Cumberland Counties, Virginia: Initial Survey ViewCite

Henry and Pittsylvania Counties, Virginia: Initial Survey ViewCite

Montgomery & Fincastle Counties, Virginia: Initial Survey ViewCite

Rutherford County, NC, Its Parent Counties & Offshoots: Initial Survey ViewCite

Virginia Legislative Petitions ViewCite

William Mills of Haile’s Tithe List, 1750, Lunenburg Co., Virginia: Identification Needed ViewCite

Natchitoches, Louisiana

ANTY: Jean Baptiste Antÿ Sr., Natchitoches Parish, LA (1752–c1816): Research NotesViewCite

CHARÛAU: Pierre Charûau, Natchitoches Parish, LA, 1808–1821: Research NotesViewCite

GAGNÉ-WALLACE: Maternal Ancestry of Marie Hyacinthe Gagné, Wife of James ... Wallace. ViewCite

LAND: Land Transfers & Participants, Rivière aux Cannes and Isle Brevelle, Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana, c1787–1819: Research Notes (A Work in Progress)ViewCite

MULON: Jeannot Mulon dit LaBrun, f.m.c., Colonial Natchitoches, Louisiana. ViewCite


Shadrack Odom: Research Notes. ViewCite

William Odom: Research Notes. ViewCite

Millie (Breland) Odom Cook’s First Husband: A Preliminary Analysis. ViewCite

Watts: Individual Research Notes

George Watts (c.1753–c.1812) & Wife Ruth Perry. ViewCite

George Watts (1756–1834) & Wife Barbara Crumpton.ViewCite

Rev. John Watts, Esq. (ca.1749–ca.1822); Spouses 1: [Smith?]; 2: Judith “Judy” [Rawls?]: Research Notes.ViewCite

Thomas Watts (b. ca.1725; d. ca.1796–1800); Spouse Sarah Mills: Research Notes ViewCite

Watts: Research Reports (in chronological order)

Watts: Initial Survey of Published South Carolina Resources for Old Craven County, Camden District, and the Counties Cut from Them. (2014) ViewCite

Watts: Legal Records of Fairfield and Kershaw Counties, South Carolina (Previously Camden District and Craven County), Pre-1830. (2014) ViewCite

Watts: Initial Survey of Published Resources Bedford County (formerly Lunenburg and Brunswick), Virginia. (2014) ViewCite

Revolutionary War Capt. John Watts of Camden District, SC. (2014)ViewCite

Watts: Initial Survey of Published Resources Anson County, NC, and Its Parent and Daughter Counties: Lincoln, Mecklenburg, and Montgomery (2015) ViewCite

Watts: Initial Survey of Published Resources for Bertie, Hertford, and Martin Counties, North Carolina. (2015)ViewCite

Watts: George & Edward of Wilkes & Elbert Counties, Georgia (2018).ViewCite

Witter Reports (for Student Class Projects)

Essential Research Reports: 3 Samples. ViewCite

Samuel Witter: Record Analysis. ViewCite

Samuel Witter: Research Report (with Attachments). ViewCite

Samuel Witter: (Cumulative) Research Notes. ViewCite

Witter Reports (Samuel Witter vs. Samuel Witter)

Samuel Witter, 17th U.S. Inf., War of 1812, Enlistment Record: An Analysis. (2011). ViewCite

Samuel Witter (1787–1876) and the War of 1812. (2012). ViewCite

Samuel Witter’s Fellow Soldiers … War of 1812. (2012). ViewCite

Samuel Witter’s Arkansas Bounty Land, War of 1812. (2013). ViewCite

Samuel Witter, War of 1812: Logan County, Kentucky, Research. (2017). ViewCite

Samuel Witter, War of 1812: Breckinridge County, Kentucky. (2017). ViewCite

Samuel Witter, War of 1812: Grayson County, Kentucky. (2017). ViewCite

Samuel Witter, War of 1812: Ohio County, Kentucky. (2017). ViewCite

Witter (Cumulative Research Notes)

Samuel Witter (1784?–1849?) & Wives Rebecca Crask and Synthianna. ViewCite

Samuel Witter (1787–1876) & wife Rachel “Lizzie” Smith (1802–1854). ViewCite

Narrative Lineage

“Jane’s Offspring: Scots-Irish Boyds in Georgia and Mississippi, The First 6 Generations”. ViewCite

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