Research Reports

Forensic Reports

“Stanville ‘Estinville’ Sémère, aka Stanville Simmons (Hunt Oil vs. Julien)

“Sémère Report Attachment”

Genealogical Reports


“William Cooksey (ca. 1745–1829): Research Notes”
(Cumulative research notes reflecting everything found to date for this individual)

Research Report: 2008

“Cookseys in Tattnall County, Georgia, Loose Papers”

Research Report: 2009

“Cooksey & Associated Families: Montgomery and Tattnall Counties, Georgia”

Research Reports: 2010

“Possibility to Pursue: Were John & Judith [—?—] Watts the Parents of Zilpha [—?—] Price Cooksey?”

“Zilpha & William Cooksey and Associates: Laurens County, Georgia, 1790–1825”

“Cooksey Associates: Montgomery County, Georgia: Preliminary Nutshells”

Research Reports: 2011

“Cooksey Associates: Tattnall County, Georgia: Preliminary Nutshells”

“Cooksey & Allied Families: Tax Data—Montgomery and Tattnall Counties, Georgia, 1798–1820”


“Jeannot Mulon dit LaBrun, f.m.c., Colonial Natchitoches, Louisiana”


“Shadrack Odom: Research Notes”

“William Odom: Research Notes”

“Millie (Breland) Odom Cook’s First Husband: A Preliminary Analysis”


“Maternal Ancestry of Marie Hyacinthe Gagné, Wife of James ... Wallace”


“Revolutionary War Capt. John Watts of Camden District, SC”


“Essential Research Reports: 3 Samples”

“Samuel Witter: Record Analysis”

“Samuel Witter: Research Report (with Attachments)”

“Samuel Witter: (Cumulative) Research Notes”

Narrative Lineage

“Jane’s Offspring: Scots-Irish Boyds in Georgia and Mississippi for Five Generations”